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Heart & Vascular Care

Specialty care for your heart and veins

Specialized Heart, Vein and Circulatory Care

Beth Israel Lahey Health offers comprehensive heart and vascular care close to home. From your heart to your veins, our expert specialists and researchers combine cutting-edge technology and findings from medical studies to offer a full range of non-surgical and surgical therapies to help you feel your best.

No matter your age or health, Beth Israel Lahey Health provides treatment and care focused on a healthier you.

Heart and Vein Conditions

Beth Israel Lahey Health's medical professionals have advanced training to care for your heart, vein and circulatory health issues. When you visit one of our hospitals, you will receive an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan for common and complex conditions.

Your Heart and Vein Treatment Plan

Your heart is unique to you, and so is your plan for getting healthy. When you come to us, you'll have direct access to advanced diagnostic imaging. And you'll benefit from the latest and most effective treatment options. We offer minimally invasive procedures whenever appropriate so you can recover more quickly with less risk of complications. Then on your journey to a healthier you, we can provide comprehensive care and rehabilitation services.

We will customize a care plan to your condition and goals, and we'll walk beside you until you are back to living your best life.

Learn More About Cardiovascular Care

The medical terms associated with heart disease can be hard to understand. Here are some definitions that will help.

Cardiovascular medicine cares for your heart and blood vessels. We offer specialized tests like EKG, ECG, ECHO, stress testing and cardiac catheterization (often called the balloon test). Our doctors treat a full range of cardiac (heart) disorders, including coronary artery disease, cardiomyopathy (weakening of the heart), irregular heartbeat or a separate medical condition that puts you at increased risk of developing heart disease.

Cardiac surgery involves surgery on your heart or large blood vessels. Our experts can treat heart disease with minimally invasive treatments, open-heart procedures (like coronary artery bypass) or a combination of surgical procedures.

Our vascular surgeons treat abnormalities in your veins and arteries. Depending on your condition, treatment options include diagnostic ultrasound, CT and conventional angiography (X-ray of blood vessels). We perform many vascular procedures using minimally invasive techniques.