Caretaker with patients

Extended Care Community Program

Offering Primary Care in Convenient Settings

The Extended Care Community Program (ECCP), part of BILH Primary Care, is composed of a dedicated group of physicians and advanced care practitioners (nurse practitioners and physician assistants) working full-time in the post-acute care environment.

These highly skilled professionals offer primary care services in various settings, including skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, rest homes, and home services.

ECCP is committed to providing high-quality patient care with a specific focus on minimizing re-hospitalization rates and achieving better healthcare outcomes.

Whether it is improving the transitions of care in the skilled nursing facility, or providing primary care in the rest home, assisted living or a patient’s home, we bring compassionate care to the bedside and home of our patients.

To learn more about BILH Primary Care or to find more information about our providers, please visit our primary care page.