Diverse family of different ages smiling together

Seamless and Reimagined Around All of Our Patients

An integrated, transformed care experience

Consistent and Collaborative Care

We will offer integrated care that's designed around our patients' current and future needs. This care will serve all of our patients, whoever they are, wherever they are and wherever they come from.


This seamless experience will be enabled by a consistent standard of care as well as a single electronic health record that facilitates communication and collaboration among our teams, and between patients and their caregivers.

Access Across Channels

We will enable our patients to communicate with us on their terms, leveraging a variety of channels. These platforms will include patient portals, self-service tools and telehealth resources — all designed to support their preferences at each touch point along their journey.

Equitable Health

We are taking ambitious and concrete steps to promote health equity and bridge disparities in access, experience and health outcomes across our diverse patient population. By enhancing our ability to measure and understand patient demographics and health data, we will identify strategies and community partnerships to address the needs of those in our communities with the highest social risk factors, including those experiencing mental health conditions, economic instability and systemic racism.