Selected Publications: July 2024

July 08, 2024

BILH-Led Academic Publications

Research teams across Beth Israel Lahey Health (BILH) are working around the clock to transform medicine and health care delivery through innovation and discovery. This issue of Selected Publications includes academic publications led by BILH community members in May and June 2024.

Hematologic Abnormalities in Patients with Hidradenitis Suppurativa Receiving Adalimumab
JAMA Dermatology / Research Letter / May 8, 2024
BILH Authors: Barbara D. Lam, Martina L. Porter, Alexa B. Kimball (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center)

Recombinant ADAMTS13 for Immune Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura
New England Journal of Medicine / Original Research / May 14, 2024
BILH Authors: Leah B. Kosyakovsky, Louis M. Feingold, Kristen E. Burke, Ishan Tatake, Shelby C. Wilkinson, Brian J. Carney (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center); Doyun Park (Lahey Hospital & Medical Center)

Uncovering Unrecognized Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction Among Individuals with Obesity and Dyspnea
Circulation: Heart Failure / Original Research / May 14, 2024
BILH Authors: Leah B. Kosyakovsky, Elizabeth E. Liu, Jessica K. Wang, Juhi K Parekh,  Jeremy M. Robbins,  Jennifer Ho (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center)

A Rare Case of an Adult with Spinal Cord Injury Without Neuroimaging Abnormality (SCIWONA)
Journal of Emergency Medicine/ Case Study / May 17, 2024
BILH Authors: Colleen A. McGrail, Vivian Burton, Taylor Brown, Robin B. Levenson, Carlo L. Rosen (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center)

Lowering Blood Pressure in Stroke Patients in the Ambulance — A Bridge Too Close?
NEJM / Perspective / May 20, 2024
BILH Author: Jonathan A. Edlow (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center)

Outcomes of Atrial Fibrillation Ablation Among Older Adults in the United States: A Nationwide Study
JACC: Clinical Electrophysiology / Original Research / May 22, 2024
BILH Authors: Enrico Ferro, Matthew Reynolds (Lahey Hospital & Medical Center) Jiaman Xu, Yang Song, Rishi Wadhera, Andre d’Avila, Peter Zimetbaum, Robert Yeh, Daniel Kramer (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center)

Heard but Excluded: A Language Manifesto
JAMA / Perspective / May 23, 2024
BILH Authors: Rose Molina (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center)

Clinical Characterization of Aqueous and Vitreous Retinol-Binding Protein 3 Concentrations in Relation to Diabetic Retinopathy Severity, Retinal Structures, and Systemic Complications
Retina / Original Research / June 1, 2024
BILH Authors: Ward Fickweiler, Tanvi Chokshi, Surya Jangolla, Margalit Mitzner, I-Hsien Wu, Hyunseok Park, Kyoungmin Park, Lloyd Paul Aiello, Jennifer Sun, George L. King (Joslin Diabetes Center)

Lifetime Health and Economic Outcomes of Biparametric Magnetic Resonance Imagine as Frist-Line Screening for Prostate Cancer: A Decision Model Analysis
Annals of Internal Medicine / Original Research / June 4, 2024
BILH Author: Ra'ad Al-Faouri, Boris Gershman (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center)

Climate Change and Cardiovascular Health: A Systematic Review
JAMA Cardiology / Review / June 12, 2024
BILH Authors: Dhruv S. Kazi, Chia-Liang Liu, Nora M. Al-Roub, Richard S. Chaudhary, Diane E. Young, Megan McNichol, Daniel B. Kramer, Aaron S. Bernstein, Mary B. Rice (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center)

Plasma Proteomics of Exercise Blood Pressure and Incident Hypertension
JAMA Cardiology / Original Research / June 12, 2024
BILH Authors: Prashant Rao, Michelle. J. Keyes, Michael Y. Mi, Jacob L. Barber, Usman A. Tahir, Shuliang Deng, Dongxiao Shen, Laurie. A. Farrell, James G. Wilson, Robert E. Gerszten, Jeremy M. Robbins (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center)

Early Injury Landscape in Vein Harvest by Single-Cell and Spatial Transcriptomics Circulation Research / Original Research / June 21, 2024
BILH Authors: Leena Pradhan-Nabzdyk, Frank W. LoGerfo, Patric Liang (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center)

Subclinical association of aortic stiffness with cardiac structure and function in African-Americans: The Jackson Heart Study
The International Journal of Cardiovascular Imaging / Original Research / June 23, 2024
BILH Authors: Mawra Jha, Connie W. Tsao (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center)
Inbar McCarthy (Lahey Hospital & Medical Center)

Private Equity Acquisitions of Outpatient Cardiology Practices in the United States, 2013-2023
Journal of the American College of Cardiology/ Original Research / June 30, 2024
BILH Authors: Victoria Bartlett, MD, Michael Liu, Shylie Ati, Robert Yeh, MD, ZhaoNian Zheng, Rishi Wadhera, MD (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center)

Use of Term Excited Delirium in State EMS Protocols Over Time
JAMA Network Open / Research Letter/ June 28, 2024
BILH Authors: Christie L. Fritz, David W. Schoenfeld, Jake D. Hoyne, Stephen H. Thomas, (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center)

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