Healthcare 360: Discussing Leadership Opportunities at Beth Israel Lahey Health

May 07, 2024

Podcast: Leadership Opportunities at Beth Israel Lahey Health     

On this week’s episode of Healthcare 360, Dr. Rob Fields sits down with Puneet Freibott, DNP, RN, FACHE, Chief Nursing Officer for Beth Israel Lahey Health, to discuss her role and her experiences. 

A Journey to Chief Nursing Officer

An immigrant from India, Freibott moved to the United States as a teen and later found her calling as a nurse. About her draw to healthcare, she says, “Healthcare found me, and I found healthcare.”

In her 28 years of being a nurse, Freibott has worked in large, complex medical centers, for-profit hospitals, and small community, rural and urban centers. “All of it has reinforced my passion for advocacy, not just for our patients but for our healthcare team members to get access to care, to have great experiences in the care that’s provided in the work environments, and then have great outcomes whether that’s work or health-related,” she says.

Discussing her transition from nursing leadership to operational leadership, she explains, “I was the Chief Operating Officer for an urban Level 1 Trauma academic medical center, and it really gave me the opportunity to integrate the ancillary services.”

“You know, the model of care, the operational efficiencies that could be realized from those team members into the continuum of care for healthcare. So really integrating the clinical and non-clinical workforce, making sure they have the resources and tools to be the most efficient that they can be and really help the outcomes of our patients and our team members who are on the frontline.”

Looking to the Future

When asked about what makes her most excited about Beth Israel Lahey Health’s potential, Freibott is certain that it’s the people.

“I have been out there visiting the hospitals, I’m going to be involved in some of the town halls for the clinics. So what makes me really excited is that we have centers of excellence and, you know, very energized team members who are just looking for system processes and system solutions to help elevate the solutions that they already have in place.”

“That’s a great opportunity for us to showcase the work that’s happening in pockets and really lift it up and have some great horizontal and vertical integration that we can realize together as a system.”

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