Healthcare 360: Making Waves at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center

March 27, 2024

Podcast: Making Waves at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center

On this week’s episode of Healthcare 360, Dr. Rob Fields sits down with Dr. Susan Moffatt-Bruce, president of Lahey Hospital & Medical Center and practicing cardiothoracic surgeon, to discuss her experience and cutting-edge technology.

Dealing with Disparities in Leadership

In healthcare leadership, notable disparities exist, particularly for women and people of color. Reflecting on her 30-year career, Moffatt-Bruce recounts having phenomenal female leaders, sponsors, and mentors.

“I think we have to recognize the privilege we hold when we are in leadership positions and truly give back, engage so that other colleagues can move forward in a good way,” she says. “I've only ever experienced the opportunity to give back and to be engaged as a woman leader and it is a great privilege and I recognize that.”

Thinking about her own leadership journey, Moffatt-Bruce notes that leadership is a series of learning and unlearning. If given the chance to turn the clock back, she says, she would have engaged with other leaders earlier in her career and unlearned some aspects of leadership she’s since found ineffective.

“I think going forward, the way that I find energy and the way that I feel that I can show up my very best every day is holding space for others, and that takes time and commitment. But I think it's the only way that we're going to be able to, in leadership, have increased inclusivity, increased belonging, and much better representation and engagement of all communities, of all peoples.”

Advances in Technology

One of the many interesting things Moffatt-Bruce has done at Lahey is build a great foundation for simulation education and robotics. This type of technology allows learners to increase their competency and efficiency as surgeons and exists as part of Lahey’s larger commitment to digital and robotic health.

“We're looking at new ways of training and learning and really allowing the patient to get the care they need in the way that is most effective and efficient and to give them the best outcomes,” she says. “And robotic surgery is really evolving very, very quickly.”  

For patients, this means a better outcome and a smoother operative course as robots can complete complex procedures in a minimally invasive manner. Ultimately, this leads to reduced pain and shorter overall hospital stays.

Every other week, we’ll chat with a leading expert in healthcare to learn about the many challenges and opportunities facing the industry. Listen to the full conversation with Moffatt-Bruce here, and check in regularly for new episodes of Healthcare 360.

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