Understanding Modern Breast Cancer Treatment: It Is Not One-Size-Fits-All

October 06, 2023
Julie O’Brien Dennis, MD, FACS

Treatment that's as Individual as You

Over the years, breast cancer care has undergone remarkable transformations. Why? Because we have come to understand a fundamental truth: every breast cancer is as unique as the person it affects. Gone are the days when a one-size-fits-all approach meant that many underwent intense procedures that might not have been necessary.

  1. Personalized Treatment: By understanding what drives each cancer—whether it is hormones, proteins, or other factors —treatments can be tailored to the patient’s specific needs. This might mean hormone-blocking pills for some, reducing the need for chemotherapy.
  2. Evolving Surgical Approaches: Surgical techniques have evolved with a focus on preserving as much of the breast as possible. If someone does need their breast removed, advanced reconstruction methods are available.
  3. Rethinking Radiation: Radiation is not always required in the treatment of breast cancer, especially if you are over 65 with certain types of breast cancer. For those who benefit from it, the process can often be tailored to offer a shorter treatment duration and more targeted therapy.
  4. Staying Informed and Ahead: We are always researching and learning more about breast cancer. This means our treatments keep getting better and more personalized. Our dedicated breast care team is here to provide the best plan for each patient, considering factors like age, medical history, and the specific type of breast cancer.

In Conclusion: Your journey with breast cancer is deeply personal. The goal is to ensure that your treatment reflects your unique needs and circumstances, providing care that is as individual as you are.

For any questions related to your breast health, make sure to contact your primary care physician or your dedicated BILH breast cancer care team.

Julie O’Brien Dennis, MD, FACS is the Director of the Comprehensive Breast Health Center at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center.