Spotlight: Brigitte Bowen-Benitich of Lahey Hospital & Medical Center Is Taking Charge and Moving Forward

March 29, 2022

Brigitte Bowen-Benitich

Reflecting back on one of the more challenging moments of her career, Brigitte Bowen-Benitich, MBA, recalls a time when the difficult path was the most worthwhile.

"I was the youngest female colleague in my department, and my role required me to interact with all levels of management," she says. " I could have easily adopted a meek attitude, but I chose to not waste my energy trying to change opinions and instead demonstrate the untapped reservoir of my talents."

Women of color hold only five percent of executive healthcare positions in the U.S., according to a 2020 report from the global management firm McKinsey & Company. As the Vice President of Surgical Services at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, Bowen-Benitich is breaking down barriers. She has always pushed herself to go beyond her limitations for the sake of what matters most to her, and credits her mother with being her greatest inspiration in this regard.

"As an immigrant, my mother came to this country in search for a better life for her family," she says. "She overcame many challenges, and no matter how difficult they were physically and mentally, she always saw life as a glass half full. She has been my inspiration to always persevere and want to do better for my family, myself and my community."

For the next generation of women in medicine, Bowen-Benitich offers these words of advice and encouragement:

"Don't be afraid to show compassion, advocate for what you believe in, be inclusive, listen closely, and always find time for yourself. Walk in your Womanhood. You got this, keep going."