5 Tips for Choosing an OBGYN

March 15, 2022

Finding the right OBGYN provider is an extremely personal and potentially intimidating task for many women. Alison Sekelsky, MSN, RNC, Director of Maternal Child Health at Anna Jaques Hospital, provides some helpful tips for what to consider when choosing an OBGYN—whether you’re pregnant, wanting to grow your family, or looking for care for yourself.

Things to think about when selecting an OBGYN:

Talk to friends and family.

The women in your life may have valuable insight into the practices they visit. You can learn from their experiences! Their feedback can help you know more about the available services in your area with honest reviews from the people you trust.

Stay local.

Most pregnancies are low-risk, so there is no need to travel far to get great care. Look into OBGYN practices in your community to see what services are available nearby. 

Look for practices that offer collaborative midwifery and physician services.

These practices are better equipped to manage both low and high risk pregnancies to make sure you’re in good hands no matter what.

Consider where your OBGYN does their deliveries.

Your OBGYN may deliver at a hospital that is separate from the location of their practice. It’s important that the hospital offers what is best for you and your baby. Look for a facility that encourages family centered care, rooming-in, and skin-to-skin contact following delivery. 

Prioritize your comfort.

It’s important to feel safe and comfortable with your provider. If the first provider you choose doesn’t match up, it is okay to change!

Learn more about maternity services at Anna Jaques Hospital or find an OBGYN provider today.